Why am I a Catholic in the times of Donald Trump?

Why am I a Catholic

The best of the doctrines and history of Catholicism

A Chilean priest, who does not want to give his name here, had the bad idea of ​​leaving his house with an alzacuello that identifies him at first sight as a Catholic priest.

The priest was going to collect a check from the bank, when he walked he was harassed by looks and that he had time to respond they called him a pedophile, a thief, an approver The next time you leave your home, you will not carry any sign of your vocation, not only to save yourself from the bad time, but not to haunt the interns.

We find it hard to believe his story. At the beginning of March of this year a book was published entitled – Because I am Catholic. It was created with a polemic spirit knowing that the Chilean Catholic churches.

Why am I a Catholic?

Until recently it was so powerful as to impede the legalization of divorce that was enacted in 2004 and the abortion that was approved in 2017 with three very restrictive grounds. There was a situation of discrediting since the cases of abuse of minors and the manipulation of consciences came to light, or rather the confections and the spiritual direction to submit the parishioners to the designs of the priest in charge.

He could not, however, imagine that the church would fall even lower than it was since the Pope asked the bishops and cardinals to resign in May 2018 after his visit to Chile the previous year.

Why am I a Catholic at a time like this? Perhaps it is important to be in the world of Donald Trump, the president, who reminds us by antagonism that pride is a sin and humility a virtue. We live in a time of very high concentration of wealth and abysmal inequality, and on a planet connected and informed as never before, but in which millions of people go hungry without causing a stir.







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