The movie preview of is now available Netflix with Matin Scorsese titled irishman


In this occasion the Netflix platform released a preview of what will be the greatest movie in history. The irishman of Martin Scorsese, the protagonist of this film is Robert De Niro who will act as a hitman also Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa.

The Netflix Platform I return that movie in 2017

As part of a great strategy to add prestigious drama to its platform, it is demonstrating that it is doing a great job in Hollywood, it has been watching the company closely to transform the film industry and the theater

This adaptation they have made in a project that excites and excites Scorsese. This plot is an adaptation of the 2004 book by Charles Brandt «Heard You Piant House.» In the book he tells the life of Cheeran, who was a veteran of the second war who had become a hired assassin of the mafia, in this preview we can see how Sheeran met Jimmy Hoffa, who was the president of the Teamsters.


Here in this plot also shows how they did to reduce the age

of the stars of the films, as this was done over several decades








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