Earth’s lungs are on fire ’global criticism of fires in the Amazon


Fire  in the Amazon.

Fire that devastates the jungle is produced amid growing concerns about the weakening of Brazil’s environmental policies, which can jeopardize the country’s foreign relations and trade.

While dozens of fires end large areas of the Amazon, the Brazilian government struggled on Thursday to contain the growing worldwide outrage over its environmental policies, which have paved the way for the deforestation of the world’s largest rainforest.

While the fires are spreading it is said that many were caused intentionally, Norway and Germany apparently are about to finish an Amazon conservation project that is valued at 1.2 million dollars.


The great concern for the environmental policies of President Jair Bolsonaro, who have prioritized the interests of industries that want greater access to protected lands, has also jeopardized the trade agreement that European Union and more South American nations reached in June after decades. of negotiations.

 The forest fires in Brazil are deeply worrisome.

Organizations such as NASA, in addition to politicians and celebrities, have shared photos of the fires, Leonardo DiCaprio called on his almost 34 million Instagram followers to be more aware of the environmental situation: the lungs of the earth are in call.

Data published by the National Space Research Institute of Brazil show that, from January to July, the fires had consumed more than 1.8 million hectares of the Brazilian Amazon, an increase of 62 percent compared to the year past.







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